Hacked by sir.gh0st

http://crystalpalacemuseum.org.uk/museum.html Sorry! But what to do please tell me admin! Your site is fully insecure and there is no way to alert you. So, I have decided to deface your site. This is just a warning! http://dsigns.co.uk/gallery/signboards/ Secure it next time!

Gr33tz to: Pirated Eclipse, Kais Patron, Mauritania Attacker, Synd1c4te, Ze Povo, Napster Bd, Optimas Prime, Mr.A, Dark Legend, Scripted Dante 404, Ashuvo Atta, mr.unkn0wn, 4dm!n_fuck3r and all my UGI, UH and Sylhet Cyber Security friends. Also gr33tz to you Admin ;)

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